Above is the granddaughter of the very first RMA buyer. She just can't get enough of it.

Above is the granddaughter of the very first RMA buyer. She just can't get enough of it.
Above is the granddaughter of the first RMA buyer. She just can't get enough of it!

Monday, March 23, 2015


It's easy to criticize. That's why the people who do nothing themselves are so good at it.

I know, because I'm not totally innocent.

Like everybody else, I jumped on you for having the gumption to tackle America's oldest, biggest and most potentially devastating problem - the legacy of our founding flaw - the myth of white supremacy. (Racism is really just a euphemism for it...another way to avoid facing the beastly truth).

You may not realize it, but the real monster we are about to let loose on future Americans is not individual, personal prejudice or one-on-one bias. It is not one that can be conquered by well-meaning but clueless people talking in Starbucks over a venti Triple Swirl Blah, Blah and a Double Roasted Bacon, Egg & Cheddar sandwich (as good as it is). 


The 400 ton elephant in the room is the idea that white skin and straight hair makes some humans somehow more "human" than others. And it's an idea - like the one that the earth is flat or the sun revolves around the earth whose time has passed.

I've spent the last 20 years researching, thinking, reading, writing about the issue. I've even created images, ads, posters and paintings designed to get my fellow USers to face the fallacy of race and racial supremacy. This blog is just one of my efforts.

But, now, thanks to you, the subject that everyone - especially our FBP - the elephant has been noticed...at least for the moment. . You've made a first step. Even though the way you tried to do it was all wrong, your idea that something has to be done is alright. As I learned years ago in the ad game, the greatest concept in the world can be quickly brought low by a piss-poor execution.

I hope you've learned that you need to put as much thinking, time and yes, financial resources into making America a better place as you do in making money. (IDEA: How about spending some of your personal billions on this instead of Starbucks'?).
You have proved that you think racism is a problem. Now show the rest of US, it's one you're serious about solving.

For centuries we've lived in a Hypocracy, not a Democracy  - an unapologetically whites-first" society that gives lip service to the idea of human equality, while giving all real power to the one tenth of one percent. It's going to take more than 5 days to undo its damage.

So, thanks to you, Howard, we've made a step - even if it's a stumbling, bumbling one.

Btw: Do you have president Obama's phone number? Maybe your efforts will give him a little courage to address an issue he has thus far so skillfully avoided.


  1. Thanks Ted.

    Since we worked together at Leo Burnett over 35 years ago, I've always known you as a man of few, but well chosen words.